CAROLINE AGNES started as a stopgap for the gifting frenzy surrounding the birth of babies, and has revealed itself as a campaign. It was introduced as a product that fulfilled our cultural imperative to give things to families inviting new life on earth while causing less damage to those babies’ environment than most on the market. I always knew that making it a product gave me the opportunity to talk about this message in the most widely visible places for the American mother, gossip magsPinterest & baby registries. Herein lies part of the problem: why has our culture surrounded mothers with consumer platforms, rather than ideological ones that support human life? And why are we ratifying the pervasive existence of these platforms?

The title of our second line, I’M AN ANIMAL, TOO brings my soft served messaging into starker focus. At a time when species extinction rates are at a high that the world hasn’t seen in millions and millions of years (prior to human existence), our environments in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico (Nigeria, Syria, Sudan, Bangladesh and on and on...) have been devastated by extreme events exacerbated by manmade climate change: it’s important to remember that we are animals, too.

That said, the solution to the problems that led me to make the stuff of CAROLINE AGNES definitely isn’t more stuff. So, I have a confession to make and an unconventional sales pitch: we’d be just as happy for you to become a member of NRDC, who will benefit from all profits of our new line, I’M AN ANIMAL, TOO. Or make a monthly donation to Earth Justice, the environmental litigators who get the profits of our first line, C REX. Both serve to halt the environmental tyranny brought on by corruption in our public and private sectors.

If a loved one is having a baby, or you are fortunate and about to have your own, these small pieces of clothing are a kinder object to give them than many on the market. We’d like to thank our slow fashion sister at Four Rabbit for our stellar new designs and encourage you to come our way if you do need stuff for a baby (and you do, just not as much as you’ve been led to believe).

As our community of mothers who see the imperative for environmental action continues to grow, I hope to be a link in the chain of useful information for you as I learn.  CAROLINE AGNES' partner, Olivia Gossett writes this very short weekly email about how we can collectively fight climate change with small, unexpected changes in our daily habits. Please join the TODAY WE WILL newsletter and start your journey with us to a kinder culture.

Certainly, the fight for radical changes in our energy sector, waste management and manufacturing practices, trade policies and consumer culture all have to take place. This can be overwhelming for an individual to take on, but join us in taking this necessary adaptation personally, and one step at a time. If this environmental catastrophe has taught us anything it’s that we have the power to change the earth.

Also, if a baby in your life needs clothing, we have their backs.

May We Give Them the World,

Megan Boone, Actor, The Blacklist