We are so excited to launch another product. Welcome to the Usagi family, the Siamese Kitty Bandana. Our bandana is digitally printed in full color on cotton, hemmed then over dyed in a soft pink using madder root. We couldn't be happier with our next travel essential. 

I never go anywhere with out at least one bandana. They make for good napkins while eating on the go, head bands while working out, emergency hanky, neck warmers, and even face protectors in cold weather, and dusty places. Oh, and you can wear it around your neck too. 

And, when you buy one of our Siamese Kitty Bandanas, you'll also be helping out Planned Parenthood, since we are donating $5 from each sale to Planned Parenthood. 

We like to travel, we like to look good, and we like to support whats important to us.  


Arielle Toelke