How We Really Feel About Sustainablity

FOUR RABBIT saw a need for functional, well designed travel clothes and accessories. We are passionate about sustainability, and the need to think about clothes differently, where they come from, who made them, and what happens when we don't want them.

“Have less, do more,” is one of our favorite mantras. We believe the things we do have should be high quality, unique, and tell a story. FOUR RABBIT strives to embody these principles while still designing fashionably conscious clothes.

Millions of textile waste is produced each year. Most of this waste ends up in landfills to never biodegrade. At FOUR RABBIT, we base all of our designs using zero-waste pattern making to ensure that we are not adding more textile garbage into the environment. We strive to use natural fibers and new fibers (fabric made from water bottles!) to close the loop on textile trash.

Along with zero-waste fabrication, we use low-impact natural dyes. Dyes from plants do not harm our water system, while also using less water to dye our accessories.

Fast fashion has taken over the clothing industry. We want to take a step back and take time to understand each aspect of production, pay fair wages to local factories, all while making inspired clothing and accessories.

It doesn't matter where you are going, it's the adventure that counts. Look good getting lost.

Arielle Toelke