Good bye 2018 - Hello 2019

Wow, what a crazy, wild, year 2018 has been.

Four Rabbit really started to become a business, not just a dreamy hobby. We started the year off creating our Kickstarter video, collecting footage in Brooklyn NY, Washington DC, Marfa TX, and White Sands NM. It was so fun to collaborate and travel with friends and new friends along the way. Then we launched and met our Kickstarter goal in April!

Many many thanks to everyone who helped along the way, and a huge shout out to my photographers Niko Rummell and Sarah Daggett who also edited the video. We couldn’t have done it without you.

And a giant thank you to everyone who supported the Kickstarted and made the Tsunami Jacket a reality. Seriously, without all of our amazing supporters we wouldn’t have gotten that financial push to get the jacket off the ground.

We were also so lucky to be selected into the inaugural Brooklyn Fashion Academy Program through the Brooklyn Public Library. We learned fashion illustration, pattern making, sustainability in fashion, and honed our sewing skills. The program commenced with a each designer show casing a mini collection in a spectacular fashion show at the library.

We were able to blend so many textile techniques into the ‘Naga Collection’. Natural dyeing, embroidery, and blockprinting (with our own hand carved blocks!) were some of the textile treatments used. It was an amazing, challenging, and rewarding program. As many of you know, we don’t come from a fashion background, so garment construction had been a challenge. This incubator program fostered so much creativity and community. We look forward to seeing what the designers of next years program create.

This summer, just as we were getting everything together at our factory for the first Tsunami Jacket production run, our factory closed. Shaken at first, we found an even better factory and an amazing woman, Pia of Bian, NYC who is now our production manager and factory coordinator. The Tsunami Jackets look better then ever and we are so grateful for finding Pia.

The Tsunami Jacket also went though a redesign, this time working with the geniuses at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. We are so happy working with the BF+DA, we are developing our next piece, an ultralight, packable, unisex blazer.

We look forward to what 2019 has in store for Four Rabbit. But we have a feeling its off to a good start. We head to India with Melanie of Virtue + Vice for a few weeks in January. We will be seeing and doing all things textile-y. Follow along on the trip @four.rabbit and see what we are up to. It will definitely involve some custom block prints!

Happy New Year from all the happy bunnies at Four Rabbit.


me in a sea of tsunami jackets Photo: Paolo Verzani

me in a sea of tsunami jackets Photo: Paolo Verzani

Arielle Toelke