A Practical Guide to Traveling

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We are so happy to have our first guest blog, written by Johanna Cider. She is passionate about travel and sustainability and has shared some insight into both of these things in the article below.

A Practical Guide to Travelling in Style and Comfort

We all want to look and feel our best when we travel. The key to traveling in style and comfort is
to keep things simple and practical whenever you can. You don’t need to overpack or
overspend to maintain your style. Follow these eight travel tips to ensure you have a great trip:

Prepare for the Climate

On any overseas trip, you must be well informed and prepared for the weather conditions. If
you’re travelling to a tropical destination, you’ll need a few basic items to keep healthy and
comfortable. Essentials include insect repellent, high-SPF sunscreen, a reusable water bottle to
stay hydrated , a large sunhat, and a good pair of UV-protective sunglasses. You may also want
to bring some rain gear, especially if you’re travelling in the wet season.

Winter holidays are all about layering up and wearing warm accessories like scarves, gloves
and cosy socks. Also, remember to bring sunglasses and sunscreen , especially if you are going
to be in the snow. Winter sunlight reflecting off the snow is very harsh on the eyes and skin.

Wear Efficient Shoes

There’s nothing worse than travelling in uncomfortable shoes. Wear flats throughout your trip -
think comfy slip-ons, a fresh pair of quality sneakers or comfortable boots. Instead of bringing a
pair of shoes for every occasion, choose one or two sturdy pairs that will serve a variety of

Pack a Good Jacket

Never travel without a good lightweight jacket to brave the weather in all seasons. Even if you’re
travelling to a tropical destination, you’ll probably feel chilly on the air-conditioned plane. To
keep things eco-friendly, make sure to bring a jacket that is packable, sustainable and
recyclable . This way, you will travel in style and comfort without compromising the environment.

Use a Water-Resistant Bag

Organize the inside of your travel backpack with a water-resistant bag . This will ensure any wet
or dirty clothes and bottles of liquid such as water, shampoo, conditioner, or hand cream have a
place to go. A water-resistant bag is also handy for keeping important documents and
expensive items protected on rainy days.

Bring Stretchy Pants

Tight pants will quickly become uncomfortable after long hours of sitting on the plane or in the
car. Make sure to pack a pair of worn-in stretchy jeans, leggings or loose trousers. Pair this with
a cute top or stylish, comfortable jumper to add extra pizzazz to your outfit.

Minimise Your Jewellery

You should generally avoid bringing expensive possessions on your travels. If you want to bring
jewellery with you, stick to one casual pair of earrings, or a simple necklace you can wear every
day. Wearing little to no jewellery will also allow you to pass airport metal detectors faster.
Pack Sustainable Skincare
It’s important to maintain a healthy skin routine while you’re travelling. If exposed to a sudden
change in climate, your skin may require additional nourishment and care. Before choosing
skincare products for your trip, research how the ingredients were sourced and produced. Don’t
choose a product based on its packaging or brand popularity. Be a responsible traveller by
choosing ethically and sustainably-made skincare .


Wear Minimal Makeup

Try to keep your makeup to a minimum when travelling. The dry air in the plane combined with
long flying hours aren’t ideal conditions for wearing heavy makeup. All you really need is a
nourishing lip balm. Wearing minimal makeup will also make it much quicker to get ready in the
mornings, leaving more time for fun activities throughout your holiday.
As you can see, it’s easy to stay comfortable and stylish while you’re travelling! Have fun
expressing your style but take the greatest care of the things that matter – like your eyesight,
skin and feet – so you can spend many more years travelling all the gorgeous places you want
to see.

Johanna loves the sand and sun more than anything else and has happily collaborated with hospitality sites like Tanoa Tusitala . When the Kiwi weather and her schedule permit, Johanna skips over to her nearest beach for shoreside walks or simply relaxing on the sand soaking in magnificent sunset views. Discover more of her work here.

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